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Winery owner and Chef Alex Larson carefully blends a proprietary recipe of a grape wine infused with raspberry . This flavorful delicate wine is delicious as a dessert wine especailly with anything chocolate or with any kind of berries or Guess I really like dessert. Try it with custard or alongside cheescake too. A wonderful wine cooler can be made using 7/8 champagne and 1/8 rapsberry delight for for a very low alcohol version use Sprite or 7-up in place of the champagne and just a splash of the wine. Youcan make a babymaker with 7/8 sparkling wine. 1/8 apribella wine and then a splash of Rapsberry delight wine

Rapazzini Winery Raspberry Delight
Item# Raspberry-Delight
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12 Bottles of Rapazzini Winery Raspberry Delight Raspberry-Delight-Case
Sold out! Better order sooner next time :)
Sold out! Better order sooner next time :)